our concept

«1777 Kaffee Restaurant Bar»: The name is taken from the year in which the Society for the Good and Charitable (GGG) was founded. In «1777» we offer a cosmopolitan menu with the emphasis on European dishes. We are particularly influenced by Viennese coffee-house culture, with a modern twist, and by simple Mediterranean cuisine.

Our menu changes in response to guests’ requirements and varies throughout the day. Just as a theatre stage set is changed for a new scene, the range of options at 1777 changes throughout the course of the day.

In the morning we offer an innovative, Viennese-style coffee selection with a modern twist, tailored to Swiss expectations. At lunchtime we offer guests a small dish of the day, a choice of salads and baguettes, and a counter with all kinds of meat and cheese specialities.

In the afternoon the menu reverts back to Viennese coffee-house culture with a modern twist. Evenings are characterised by a delightful wine selection, a diverse cheese and meat counter, and an extensive selection of aperitifs. We also offer a fantastic selection of drinks, the majority of which feature local and specialist products.

We provide a food bar for our guests. Guests can create their own baguettes, salads, meat and cheese just the way they like it, or choose from one of our classics. With this simple system, dishes can be custom-made; and can be put together that meets an individual’s dietary requirements. And also: We are famous for our 1777-Burger and the Pastrami Sandwich, which we serve all day.