«Stadtmauer Brauer»-beer

From now on there is «Stadtmauer Brauer»-beer at the 1777

«Heller Engel»

The name «Heller Engel», translated "light angel", for our first beer was inspired by the Teufelhof mother house.  This beer is dedicated to angels, God-sent helpers indeed. Under this concept we brew a light, unfiltered beer.

Unfiltered and crisp! A light, yet aromatic, full-bodied beer.Brewed from Pilsner malt, slightly caramelised, with hops from Tettnang and the Hallertau.

They brew all their beers themselges with meticulously detailed work and with great attention to detail. Their beers contrast with industrially produced mass-produced beers and are all unfiltered because this releases the flavours of the beer better. Though only raw materials, selected malt and hops are chosen. And of course: no preservatives and no frills, resulting in an honest product created with passion.


«Dunkler Teufel»

In the biblical sense, Lucifer, the devil, is a fallen angel who no longer wanted to subject himself to divine rule. The name was derived from the Teufelhof mother house and is brewed as a dark beer.  The «Dunkler Teufel», translated «dark devil».


You can find more information here: www.stadtmauerbrauer.ch