"Stadtmauer Brauer"-beer

The "Schlingel" is here!

The fourth beer of the "Stadtmauer Brauer", the "Schlingel" is double hopped and higher in alcohol content. The strong hop emphasis and top fermentation of the IPA are characteristics of this beer style, but even more memorable is the strong hop bitterness. India Pale Ale impresses with its fruity note and its extremely strong taste.
The history of India Pale Ale goes back to the 18th century. A special strong beer was developed in England: Pale Ale. Strongly hopped and very bitter, it was brewed in England and Scotland for the colonies in India. The beer could thus be stored for a longer period of time, as it was transported by ship for delivery and therefore had to survive a longer period at sea. In the course of time the name "India Pale Ale" for this strong type of beer became well known. After delivery to India, India Pale Ale was to be mixed with water to dilute the strong aroma. However, it was more and more often drunk simply pure. As a subspecies of the English ales, India Pale Ale developed from then on into its own type of beer.

More about the "Stadtmauer Brauer" can be found here: www.stadtmauerbrauer.ch