FIFA World Cup at the 1777

From 14th June 2018 to 15th  July 2018

All matches and all goals in the great ambience of the Schmiedenhof-court. We show the matches live on a big screen: a giant plasma TV screen with a 2.6 m diagonal. Always during our opening hours. We also show all matches of the Swiss national football team and the final. We also serve Stadtmauer Bruaer Beer, Rheinbrand Gin, Peng Peng Overproof Rum, 1777 Burgers and much more!

Our opening hours are from Monday to Wednesday 09.00 - 20.00 h, and Thursday to Saturday 09.00 - 23.00 h. Depending on the game plan, we will define exceptions. Follow us on Facebook and learn more.

«Em Bebbi sy Jazz»

Friday, 18th August 2018

«Em Bebbi sy Jazz» is an important part in the city's cultural calendar and has become indispensable. It is the Summer Happening of Basel and is known as the largest Swiss «Jazz Party».

The event is taking place in Basel's city center. Between Fischmarkt – Hauptpost – Gerbergasse – Leonhardskirchplatz – Heuberg/Nadelberg over 600 musicians and singers play with 70 orchestras at over 25 venues (Openair and in restaurants). Thousands of fans are expected and will be well entertained. And in the middle of the happening is the Schmiedenhof Open-Air with «Fraîche» (19-21.30 hrs.) and «The next movement» (22-24 Uhr).

Enjoy with us excellent jazz, selected dishes, tasty wines and draft beer. We look forward to your visit at the 1777.

* We would like to thank the organizers of the «Em Bebbi sy Jazz» for their great commitment to our city!
** More information on the entire event as well as the programme can be found here.

Caribbean Night – Rum & Reggae BBQ

Wednesday, 22nd August, 19 hrs.

Celebrate with us like in the Caribbean - but in the middle of Basel! We will barbecue finest specialities and spoil you with tasty beers and great wines.
In addition, the famous Reggae DJ Lukie aka Uncle Peng Peng will surprise you with best Reggae-Beats. Taste Caribbean Rum, all of them from the prestigious company Plantation, which stands for high quality. We selected all these rums especially for this event with our partner Paul Ullrich AG. Escape your daily routine and dive into a short Caribbean holiday. As a special highlight Lukie will serve you his Peng Peng Overproof Rum.

Price: CHF 107.–, 4-course-menu, incl. drinks

Reservations can be made by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by mail

«Stadtmauer Brauer»-beer

From now on there is «Stadtmauer Brauer»-beer at the 1777

«Heller Engel»

The name «Heller Engel», translated "light angel", for our first beer was inspired by the Teufelhof mother house.  This beer is dedicated to angels, God-sent helpers indeed. Under this concept we brew a light, unfiltered beer.

Unfiltered and crisp! A light, yet aromatic, full-bodied beer.Brewed from Pilsner malt, slightly caramelised, with hops from Tettnang and the Hallertau.

They brew all their beers themselges with meticulously detailed work and with great attention to detail. Their beers contrast with industrially produced mass-produced beers and are all unfiltered because this releases the flavours of the beer better. Though only raw materials, selected malt and hops are chosen. And of course: no preservatives and no frills, resulting in an honest product created with passion.


«Dunkler Teufel»

In the biblical sense, Lucifer, the devil, is a fallen angel who no longer wanted to subject himself to divine rule. The name was derived from the Teufelhof mother house and is brewed as a dark beer.  The «Dunkler Teufel», translated «dark devil».


You can find more information here: