We embrace Viennese coffee-house culture, adding a modern twist. Because: Since 10 November 2011, Viennese coffee houses have been listed as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO. Since there are already countless Italian espresso bars in Basel, the coffee roasters at 1777 celebrate a different kind of coffee-house culture.

Order a Grosser Brauner coffee (= “large brown one”), a Kleiner Schwarzer espresso (= “small brown one”) or a Melange (frothed milk and steamed coffee), a Verlängerter (“=extended one”) or a Kurzer Brauner (=”short brown one”). Naturally, we have added a Swiss touch with a modern twist to our range of coffees, All coffees are available to take away. The coffee we serve is produced from a local coffee-roasting plant.

Our coffee offer you find here.