To eat

We offer a cosmopolitan range with Mediterranean elements and a heavy Swiss influence. The menu is deliberately kept simple, while the quality remains high. Ivano Spada and his team guarantee that products are carefully selected and prepared. And: We only work with personally approved suppliers.

At lunchtime we serve a simple dish of the day. Moreover we have an innovative salad offer. We also offer a baguette and meat/cheese option. Guests can enjoy the meat/cheese or baguette range in buffet style by creating their own baguettes, or choosing from one of our classics. And: We are known for our 1777-Burger and our Pastrami.

Please note that hot meals are only available at lunchtime from Monday to Friday (11.30 to 15.00). Our salad options as well as the 1777-Burger we serve all day, except Saturday. The rest of the time we offer the Pastrami as well as the baguette and meat/cheese bar.