Inspired from the streets of New York and now also in Basel. Pastrami!

Ivano Spada, chief in the 1777, has been inspired by the Pastrami culture in New York. Customers wait in lines to get one of those sandwiches. So it was about time to introduce the sandwich to Basel.
Pastrami is so new to switzerland; we therefor explain it here for those, who have not had the chance to try it. Wikipedia writes: «Pastrami» is a meat product usually made from beef, which is often eaten as a sandwich»

In the US, Pastrami is very popular. It is said, that its origin goes back to Rumania and was brought to the US by Jewish immigrants in the middle of the 19th century. Its production is very laborious. For our pastrami we only use Swiss beef from the butcher Jenzer in Arlesheim. We then brind the raw meet, dry, smoke and cook it. We serve the Pastrami as a sandwich with our own 1777-Pastrami sauce.

Come and try!

Pastrami we serve as from 11.30 all day.