The restaurant is named after the foundation of the Gesellschaft zur Beförderung des Guten und Gemeinnütigen (GGG) (Society for the Promotion of the Good and the Non-Profit), which was founded on 30 March 1777. The GGG runs the municipal library on the same site and owns the Schmiedenhof, where the restaurant "1777" is located. The place is named after the guild of the blacksmith, who had to sell the building together with the square to the GGG in 1887. Before that, the square was used by the guild for 400 years. Information about the history of the forging guild can be found here.

The GGG Basel is an association founded in 1777 by Isaak Iselin, a writer from Basel. Since its beginnings it has served the common good, primarily in the sectors of education, social affairs and culture. Today, around 2000 employees and well over 1000 volunteers work for around 90 different GGG organisations. Further information about this great association can be found here.

Order 1777 home! Burger, Salat- und/oder Baguette-Werkstatt! Bestelle jetzt Deine Lieblingsgerichte mittwochs bis sonntags zwischen 17:30 und 21:00 Uhr nach Hause, hier geht’s zum Onlineshop. Wir freuen uns auf Eure Bestellung. #raffiniertgeniessen #teamWbasel