Coffee, wine and soft drinks

We offer a fine selection of different drinks, which can also be consumed at our bar. We take great care in the selection and whenever possible take local partners and special products into account, which we also like to drink. Whether spirits, numerous gins, a small but fine range of whiskey, good rum, classic pastis or simply gazosa and mineral water: the range of drinks is extensive.

Of course, coffee also plays an important role for us. We orientate ourselves on the Viennese coffee house culture, interpreted in a modern way. Since 10 November 2011, Viennese coffee houses have been listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites. And since there are already countless Italian espresso bars in Basel, the coffee boilers in 1777 celebrate a somewhat different coffee house culture.

And so we order coffee as "Big Brown", espresso as "Little Black" or then a Melange, an "Extended" or a "Short Brown". Of course, we have interpreted the offer in a modern way and adapted it to Swiss needs. All coffees are also available as take-away coffees. We serve the coffee of a local roasting house.

We select our wines personally. As a guest you will come across not only very well-known names, but also lesser known or even unknown names. The aim is to offer wines of first-class quality, from winegrowers with a distinct personality. When selecting wines, we attach importance to a beautiful variety and import many wines ourselves.

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